Investments, Fly Me to You, Day Dates & Travel


Exclusive Packages

Exclusively Yours

Monthly Exclusive- up to 200 hours together


The Girlfriend Experience

Weekly Exclusive- up to 60 Hours together


Exclusives mean I only see you during the time, and I will generally will have open availability for you. Clock free time- Hours are to give a general description of the maximum time allowed. Available in Toronto or surrounding area only. 

Fly Me To You

Fly Me To You available in Canadian cities. 

To bring me to your city in Ontario, please view my rates page.  Ottawa is available as a FMTY option. 

3 Hours

Beauty & Bliss


4 Hours

Sexy & Sensual


5 Hours

Fever & Fantasy


6 Hours

Pleasure & Passion


8 Hours

Lewd & Lustful


These rates do not include travel costs. 

For longer see Day Dates & Travel below.

Travel & Day Dates

1/2 Day

For the adventurous


1 Day

For the sensual


2 Days

For the romantic


3 Days

For the explorative


4 Days

For the passionate


Additional Days

Can't get enough