"There is also something else about you. Your demeanour... You are soooo emotionally intelligent. You're able to ask the right questions at the right time and say just the right things. ... it feels you can read me and simply get me to reveal who I am with complete ease....You're able to become a human mirror and that makes you irresistible as you reflect a person's personality back to him/her."

"Phoebe greeted me at the door with a warm smile while wearing incredibly sexy lingerie. I expected an attractive woman with a great body and what stood before in the doorway definitely exceeded that. She is gorgeous and she has a knockout body. And may I also add a natural body that has incredibly feminine curves and long beautiful flowing brown hair."

"She is a perceptive and interesting woman who nails her exceptional great qualities there. Every bit the girl next door, that you've been too polite to drag down into the bowls of the real world. But Phoebe loves going there and helps you enjoy the trip with her. BTW, she's far too modest to have written that intro herself, just say'n. I found her very down-to-earth, accommodating, and after she felt safe (as in not being judged), really easy to talk to."

Phoebe is a naturally beautiful girl - very pretty and attractive face...As mentioned previously, she is not slender or skinny, and has nice curves. Not usually my type, but we truly had a fantastic time...I was taken aback about how pretty her eyes, hair, and face were, and she had a truly sweet and innocent personality... Her and I had a great connection, and i would love to believe that it was real; it certainly felt that way. She definitely reciprocated and our passions fed off of each other. I hope to see her again next time in Toronto.

"I met Phoebe recently and I too had a marvelous experience. Booking and communication were smooth and easy. Upon entering I gazed upon a true natural beauty. I requested minimal makeup and no high heels or other glamour looks and she nailed it."

"In my opinion, Phoebe is the ultimate GFE. She has curves in all the right places, and I'd forgotten how pretty she is, in a girl next door kind of way (better looking in person than her pictures, which are hot anyway!). She met me at the door with a huge smile and a kiss. I had a stupid nervous smile on my face, and a decent bottle of red."

"I met Phoebe for the first time last night after seeing her post on twitter for a while. Well I'm so glad I reached out to her. She's gorgeous, sweet and makes you feel at home. As for our time together, I won't get into details but it was amazing".

"Pretty girl in her late 20s although looks like she's in her early 20s, super nice and felt very comfortable with her despite my consistent nervousness. Actually, for some reason felt like I knew her from somewhere while we were in the middle of things...it was weird. And for the people that get super upset about misleading photos, her photos are real and accurate.."