How do I make an appointment with you?

Please either message me with all the information I need or fill out my form here. Please note that I will need either a provider reference or a 50% deposit to process your request. I can supply a discreet e-mail address for e-transfers upon request.  

Why haven't you responded to my request?

You may have left out some details. Please note that I require booking requests to include: 1) Your Name & Age  2) Appointment Details: Time, Duration, Date  3) Where you found me  4) Reference or Deposit

What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash. e-transfer or Paypal. Deposits can be sent via e-transfer or Paypal. A cash deposit drop-off can be arranged for an additional $50. Payment is always made during the booking process or within the first few minutes of our date. 

What is considered a reference?

A reference is from an independent companion you have seen in the past. Please first verify from them that you may use them as a reference, then send me their details and contact information so I can verify you. I do not accept agency references. 

What kind of service do you offer? What are your restrictions?

 I prefer not to discuss services because I prefer to see clients who are intrigued and dedicated to an experience with me regardless if I do "x" or "y". I welcome inquiries but please do not send me a list of acronyms. 

Are you available now?

I am not available for last minute requests, as I work by appointment and am not on shift or waiting at my incall for appointments. My time that is listed available is my availability for  pre-booked appointments. Same day requests are hard to accommodate and I appreciate at least 24-48 hour notice for appointment requests. 

Do you see Couples?

I love seeing couples. I ned to verify that both of you are committed to the appointment, and will want to briefly chat on the phone with both of you. Please make sure you are prepared to have both parties confirm the booking. 

Do you have age restrictions?

Yes, I cater to men and couples who are 25 years of age and over. Exceptions may be made for those 18-24 that send valid ID and screening.

Can I use you as a reference?

Absolutely. If you are safe and respectful I have no problem vouching for you.

Please make sure you ask me first before telling other companions you saw me. You must get permission from me to use me as a reference. Please ask me in a timely manner after our last appointment so I can be ready when a companion asks about you. 

Will you come to my city?

I do not tour but I can come to your city for an additional fee. Click on my rates page for more details. Fly me to you options are also available, flight costs must be covered. Please note, that I travel within Canada only.

I need to cancel/reschedule.

Please allow 48 hours for notice of any cancellations or rescheduling. Cancellations or attempts to reschedule within the 48 hours will result in a fee owing of 50% of the total appointment fee. 

Are you discreet? Will my information stay private?

Please take assurance that I will never share your information with anyone. Any information I ask for is to ensure that you are safe and committed to our appointment. 

Can I review you? 

I welcome you to send testimonials to my e-mail at

No Review Policy: I do not wish to be reviewed on escort review boards. Thank you for understanding and respecting my privacy.